Tuesday, March 26, 2013

What Is The Composition Of Your Shot Saying?

A Great Seminar On Designing The Shot.

Last Thursday I went to a seminar at the Egyptian Theater called Within The Frame: Designing The Shot. It was lead by the fabulous Thomas Ethan Harris whose brain is an encyclopedia of film.The seminar was so well received that they added another session. It's this THURSDAY, MARCH 28th @ 7:30. I'm here to say that if you're shooting or directing, it's worth the $20. Harris argues that film has evolved from a complex art form using rich, multi-dimensional composition and design to inform the audience about character and story to simple point and shoot one-dimensional recording of dialogue. (Okay, that's me exaggerating it a bit, but not much.)  By showing film clip examples, Harris supports his case and opens your eyes to the power of designing shots using all the tools available to a filmmaker. You'll learn about visual planes, dominant contrast, designing a close up, letting a shot speak for a character and more. I left completely inspired and now watch films in an entirely different way and will hopefully shoot my films in a more inspired, thoughtful way. This Thursday, Harris promises to add more comedies to his list of examples. For more information about the seminar and to purchase tickets (best to buy in advance, as most of the seminars at the Egyptian sell out), go to http://tinyurl.com/cacc7q8


  1. I've attended a lot of Ethan's seminars. They are great. Best kept secret in LA. He knows what great cinema is and should be.

  2. On April 18th, he'll be hosting a panel to talk about short films. I'm definitely going! Should be another great one!!

  3. Been to that one. It's very good.