Monday, March 04, 2013

Top 10 Films Written by (and About) Women

The Broad Humor Film Festival is all about celebrating women in comedy, and so is this week's Top 10 list. There are many great, funny films written by women, and there are also many great, funny female characters in film. This week, I looked for films that combine those two elements. Here is my list of the Top 10 Films Written by (and About) Women:

10) Look Who's Talking (Amy Heckerling)

9) Private Benjamin (Nancy Meyers, Charles Shyer, Harvey Miller)

8) Sleepless in Seattle (Nora Ephron)

7) Nine to Five (Patricia Resnick, Colin Higgins)

6) My Big Fat Greek Wedding (Nia Vardalos)

5) Clueless (Amy Heckerling)

4) Mean Girls (Tina Fey)

3) Something's Gotta Give (Nancy Meyers)

2) Bridesmaids (Kristen Wiig, Annie Mumolo)

1) When Harry Met Sally... (Nora Ephron)

Are there any other films you think should be added to the list? Let me know in the comments!

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