Monday, March 18, 2013

Top 10 Reasons I Imagine Some Men Have for Thinking Women Aren't Funny

Why do so many men seem to think that women are inherently less funny than men? I don't know. I think those particular people are just... think of a very rude word and you'll probably get my drift. Here's a list of the top 10 reasons I imagine some men have for thinking women aren't funny (from the point of view of a [insert rude word here] man).

10) The whole point of humor is to impress women. Men like male comics because we can use their jokes to get women. How can I land a chick by talking about menstrual cycles?

9) Women tell jokes about their lady parts. Men don't understand lady parts. All we know is that we want to see them.

8) Men have to go out and earn a living, so we know things. Women only know about housework. That's boring for men. We don't care about your new vacuum cleaner as long as the carpet is clean.

7) Wit is a sign of intelligence. Come on... everybody knows men are smartest.

6) Men and women are just good at different things, that's all. Women are good at women things. Men are good at all things.

5) Men see the world in a funnier way. Women cry too much.

4) Women don't have to be smart. Just be pretty! That's all men want, anyway. And everyone knows the only reason women do anything is to please men.

3) Comedy comes from the male appendage. That's just science. That's the funny bone...r.

2) As Jerry Lewis said, "A woman doing comedy doesn't offend me but sets me back a bit. I, as a viewer, have trouble with it. I think of her as a producing machine that brings babies in the world." Babies, not jokes.

1) Make me a sandwich.

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  1. LOL! A lot of this was probably thought to be true at some point, but we're totally past it now, right? RIGHT?!