Thursday, March 28, 2013


QUEUE THIS! is taking the week off to enjoy a wild* spring break weekend in Reno!  But I couldn’t bear to leave you with a blank post, so here’s one Netflix streaming recommendation: Mad Men.  If you’re a cord cutter like me and haven’t caught up with the last season, now’s the time as it just became available on streaming.

Sure, most of you know about the brilliance of Mad Men, and you are probably also aware of its feminist subject matter, but the main reason I’m highlighting it is because television directors are so often overlooked.  This series in particular has had a couple brilliant women directors that should be getting more attention:  Jennifer Getzinger and Lesli Linka Glatter

OK, so they have gotten a good amount of attention from the tv industry—Jennifer’s been nominated for DGA and BAFTA awards and  Lesli took home a DGA win and has been nominated for an Emmy, but it seems to me that the average tv lover doesn’t really know who's directing their shows.  So, let this be a little reminder to check the opening credits.  Bravo to Mad Men creator Matthew Weiner for helping Getzinger make the leap from script supervisor to director.  

Before I make my way to Reno, here's a shameless plug about my new Twitter account @TheDirectorList, where I share news about women directors on a regular basis.  Yes, even news about those mysterious tv directors!  I'd love to have you as a follower.  

Thanks for reading and happy viewing!

* wild as it can get hanging out with three nieces and nephews under the age of twelve.

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