Friday, January 29, 2010

Julie Gray Screenwriting Workshops Go Global

You may remember Julie Gray from the great screenwriting workshop at the 2009 Broad Humor Film Festival, where the script consultant and blogger of The Script Department ( talked in-depth with Laura Shapiro, entertainment consultant and producer, about writing, Hollywood, women and comedy. Both women shared very useful advice and gave much insight on these topics.  She's embarking on a world-wide tour with her workshop Ideas to the Page to the Screen, with workshops in NYC, London, Chicago, San Fran....look for one near you and go! Los Angeles locals can also take Julie's workshop! But hurry. It starts this weekend!

One thing that Julie told us in the workshop last June really made an impression on me at the time: her stats on men vs. women paying for professional help with scripts matched the Hollywood stats for working screenwriters.  Apparently, the guys are more willing to put their cash on the line to get better.  So we broads perhaps shouldn't moan that our scripts aren't getting bought when we don't use professional services to make sure we've got them where they need to be.  I'm not saying you have to pay Julie, but you should be willing to put your script to a professional test someplace and polish with a pro.

Full workshop details below the fold...

Julie Gray is packing her bags and setting off on a whirlwind, world-wide tour to teach you how to get your Ideas to the Page to the Screen. She's off to NYC February 27-28 for an intensive two-day weekend workshop, then jetting across the Atlantic for UK workshops in London (March 6-7) and Oxford (March 13-14). After, that she's taking some much needed time off in Tel Aviv before heading back to the states to teach workshops in Chicago in April and San Francisco in May. All workshops are $329 with deep discounts given to early-birds including a 10% discount at the Writer's Store and $50 off attendance at the Great American Pitch Fest in June. Sign up before February 12 to receive a free bundle of three podcasts from Julie's teleclass series Just Effing Do It!

Oh, and for you local folk, Julie is also teaching The Saturday Series in Los Angeles on Saturdays January 30, February 6, and February 13 at The Lot on Formosa - $50 a class or $125 for all three. Each class runs 9am to 1pm - get in early, get out early, get on with your day! Go to to learn more!