Thursday, March 28, 2013

2013 Broad Humor FF Submissions Open April 1

Well, everything is just about ready to launch for 2013.  The website is still under construction and Withoutabox isn't up and running yet, but you can download a form if you want to get a jump on your submission. 

The Short Film Invitational this year asks for films under 5 minutes that pass the "Bechdel Test."  You know, the test that is REALLY REALLY hard to pass, judging by Hollywood films.  The "test" has three requirements, kinda like our invitational:
1. The film must have at least 2 female characters with names who...
2. share a scene where they talk to each other ...
3. ..about something other than men.
See what I mean?  Practically impossible!  Still, that's the challenge.  Give it a shot.  Alums can still submit for free, but they must contact the festival for a code first.  

We're adding a Screenplay Challenge as well.  For our first screenplay challenge we are asking screenwriters to submit a 10-page comedic script for an updated revision of Goldilocks and the Three Bears. We are not looking for a children's script necessarily, but rather a new take on an old and familiar tale.

The ten pages may present an entire tale or could be the first ten pages of a feature film. In either case, page 1 should be the opening of the film.

All submissions must be hard copy submissions mailed to the Broad Humor address. The title page of the script must not have the author's name nor should the writer's name appear anywhere else in the script.

All deadlines are postmark deadlines.

Address: Broad Humor Film Festival
9854 National Blvd. #166
Los Angeles, CA 90034

That's all for now.  


  1. Susan, is the invitational open to everyone or just alumni?

  2. Is an alumni someone who has entered previously or won or what?
    I'm thinkin' I'm gonna do this!!

  3. Alumni is someone who has made it into the festival via a film or screenplay.