Monday, April 08, 2013

Top 10 Episodes of Mary Tyler Moore

With the recent announcement of a reunion of all the ladies of Mary Tyler Moore on Hot in Cleveland, I decided there's no better time to do a Mary-themed Top 10 list. So, here it is: the Top 10 Episodes of Mary Tyler Moore.

10) WJM Tries Harder (Season 4, Episode 16) When Mary visits the Channel 8 newsroom, she sees WJM in a different light.

9) Feeb (Season 2, Episode 16) The best part is the end of the episode, when Mary explains the variations of the word "feeb" to Murray.

8) Ted's Wedding (Season 6, Episode 9) Good ol' Ted Baxter finally makes an honest woman of Georgette.

7) Lou and That Woman (Season 5, Episode 4) The conversation between Lou and Mary about what makes a woman "that sort of woman" is fantastic.

6) Two Wrongs Don't Make a Writer (Season 4, Episode 23) Oh, Ted.

5) The Lars Affair (Season 4, Episode 1) Phyllis worries that Lars might be having an affair with Sue Ann.

4) Enter Rhoda's Parents (Season 3, Episode 4) I really love Rhoda's parents.

3) Lou Dates Mary (Season 7, Episode 23) The penultimate episode of the series has Lou and Mary attempting to turn their friendship into a romance.

2) The Last Show (Season 7, Episode 24) I'm not in love with the last episode, but it definitely deserves a place on this list.

1) Love is All Around (Season 1, Episode 1) This is one of the best sitcom pilots ever in the history of everything.

What are your favorite episodes? Let me know in the comments!

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