Saturday, April 13, 2013

Adventures in Brazil

Carol Costa, Julia Camara and Renata Hallada
Greetings from Brazil. My post is a day late and not going to be exactly what I had in mind. I came here to attend the premiere of my latest feature Open Road (titled Angie in Brazil) as I mentioned last week. I had great plans for this trip, multiple meetings about other projects, my crowdfunding campaign, time with family and friends, and attending all of the events related to the movie. Like they say, "if you want to make God laugh, make plans." I fell down the stairs at the movie theater in Rio, just as myself, the director and the producer were getting ready to introduce the film. An embarrassing tumble and a fractured arm left me now typing right handed (I'm left handed) on my iPad. So, the only helpful resource I have for you this week is some advice from an injured filmmaker:

1-Learn to go with the flow. I was forced to slow down severely, this may be a blessing as I was near exhaustion.

2-Trust the people around you and be ready to receive love and help. (This is still a challenge for me, but I wouldn't have gotten through a full night at the ER in a strange city without my mom and my friend and producing partner Ricardo Rihan.)

3-Face your limitations and accept them. It will ease your suffering. (Or it eased mine)

4-Take care of yourself. Filmmaking is a hardcore mistress that can suck you dry. Feel free to neglect her and give yourself the time you need.

5-Be honest with yourself, respect your body, don't play through the pain. (I watched the entire movie before going to the hospital.)

6-Stay calm, improvise and change your plans, if you need to. Say no when you need to rest.

7-Remember one day this will be a funny story to tell at parties. "Did you hear about the time I fell in front of 300 people at my film premiere and broke my arm? Spent the night at the ER in a cocktail dress? Told the nurse not to ruin my new dress or manicure with cast?"

8-What doesn't kill you does make you stronger.

Until next week...

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