Tuesday, April 30, 2013

WIGS Channel. Where Women Go to Laugh, Cry & Create Content.

Julia Stiles in the WIGS series entitled BLUE
Imagine if Lifetime married HBO and had a baby. That's WIGS Channel. It was launched a year ago on YouTube and offers stunning broadcast-quality web dramas and comedies for and about women. 

Each series follows a strong, interesting female character played by well-known actresses such as Julia Stiles, Jennifer Beals, Allison Janney, Dakota Fanning, Maura Tierney, and Rosanna Arquette. (The list goes on!)  What's even more exciting is that women are behind the camera too. Apparently the channel's two male creators, Rodrigo Garcia and Jon Avnet, didn't get the Hollywood memo to "not hire women" because WIGS is wall-to-wall women in the creative department. Garcia and Avnet recruited women writers and directors such as  Marta Kauffman, Amy Lippman, Rose Troche and Lesli Linka Glatter to contribute.

Still in its infancy, WIGS has already seen great success and in February partnered with FOX on a multi-year programming, marketing and distribution pact. The idea is that WIGS will act as an incubator for original content that can be programmed on FOX or other networks. This is major on so many levels -- the biggest being that the networks are now questioning the value of the long-standing tradition of shooting expensive pilots to determine new shows for their fall slates. They're beginning to focus more and more on this type of "trial" or "incubator" platform to develop their content. The fact that the FOX "boys club" has chosen to partner with the WIGS "girl's club" for this trial platform is beyond fantastic. 

In light of WIGS' rapid and undeniable success, I think an amazing shift is happening as the web becomes the great level playing field where women can finally find their footing in this crazy industry. WIGS is proof-- Build the web series. They will come.

For additional info on WIGS, go to www.watchwigs.com & www.youtube.com/wigs

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