Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Union Woman Unite!

It's about time tinseltown became an old girls club. If the new InterGuild Working Group has its way, that'll happen sooner rather than later. The InterGuild Working Group is a brand-spankin' new group that provides a way for the women of the WGA, PGA, DGA, SAG-AFTRA and Alliance of Women Directors to network, post job listings, share information and support each other's progress in the industry. With the mantra of "a rising tide carries all boats," it's aim is to increase opportunities for women in all aspects of film.  Literally just one week old, the InterGuild Working Group is still in the early stages, but they have big plans to host inter-guild panels and events. For now, the only place you can find them is on Facebook. So join them there and then brace yourself for the female power tidal wave.  


  1. Seriously cool! Must one be a guild member to join the group? Excited to hear about upcoming events!