Tuesday, April 16, 2013

A Big World for Little Movies

Short films are the new black. Now that every person with a pulse has at least one viewing device within arm's reach at all times, there's a big appetite for little movies. Short films are being consumed at festivals, through pod casts, on the internet...they're everywhere. This is good news for short filmmakers. But with all this growth comes more choices. Which contests are right for you? Is a pod cast better? Should you post your short on YouTube or Vimeo? Or is it better to post it on your personal web page and use social networking to drive an audience to it? How do short film distributors figure in to today's landscape? And what about the festivals? What is a "festival" short? Is there a difference between a "Sundance Short" and a "Cannes Short"?  Is it better to shoot a single short film for festivals or develop and produce a webseries? Phew. Luckily all this and more will be discussed at an event called - It's a Big World for Little Movies: The Complete Guide to Short Film Content. It's happening at the EGYPTIAN THEATER, THURSDAY, APRIL 18th @ 7:30. 
Thomas Ethan Harris will moderate a panel of short-film business and programming leaders to talk about trends, current channels of distribution and the future of short-film exposure. For more information and to purchase tickets, go to http://tinyurl.com/dyenn9s

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