Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Laura Thies Interview on Wellywood Woman Blog

Just read a great interview with Laura Thies on the Wellywood Woman blog out of New Zealand that supports the development of women's films.  Laura Thies is a German director who is working outside the German film system for a bunch of reasons that resonated with my experience of LA.  In any case, she coined a phrase, "doom-loop" that applies equally here.

So a lot of people from the industry have told me not to make this movie independently because I won't have a chance of showing it! But if I go with the system, I will be occupied for the next two years with finding a producer, then finding a TV-channel and state funding, which is a doom-loop because you can't get one without the other!
So they are going for crowdfunding instead of the "industry" and the director has made a fun crowdfunding video of her next project with the screenwriter.
Read the whole post at Wellywood Woman blog

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