Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Catch the interview
with Former President of NBC on KPCC

How “Must See TV” turned into “Must Flee TV”.

NBC just had their worst sweeps week ever, ranking below ABC, CBS, Fox and Spanish Language Univision. Ouch. What’s happened to the network giant who used to be the hip cool kid that millions of viewers wanted to hang out with every week? Former NBC President Warren Littlefield gives the inside scoop in his new book Top of the Rock, Inside the Rise and Fall of Must See TV. I heard Littlefield on KPCC yesterday morning where he offered some juicy tidbits that are definitely worth a listen. Not only does he talk about NBC, but also offers his views on what’s happening to network television in general. When it comes to comedy, Littlefield talks about the secret ingredient that made Frasier such a huge hit, who was on the short list to play Elaine on Seinfeld before Julia Louis-Dreyfus clenched the role and how Cheers was shockingly slow to get off the starting blocks. The interview is just under 17 minutes. Enjoy! http://tinyurl.com/aq6683w

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