Monday, June 10, 2013

Top 10 Reasons A 9 to 5 is Better Than Waiting Tables

The life of a starving artist is a romantic idea, but for many of us, the romance dies on the first of every month, when rent comes due. Some struggling filmmakers are able to get enough freelance jobs working on crews to support themselves, others wait tables, and others work the dreaded nine to five. But, why is it dreaded? Personally, I find a nine to five much more appealing than waiting tables (and I get far fewer homicidal urges sitting behind a desk). Here are the Top 10 Reasons A 9 to 5 is Better Than Waiting Tables:

10) Either way, you'll probably get yelled at every so often by some jerk. At least at an office, it'll be the same jerk(s) and you can learn to deal with him/her/them.

9) Very few offices make you roll silverware for $2.13 an hour before you can finally go home. I dare say none.

8) You won't have to clean up after strangers, knowing they left you a crappy tip. You probably won't have to clean up after strangers at all.

7) The hours are consistent. Will I be free for brunch three Sundays from now? Yes, I will. My schedule never changes.

6) The money is consistent. Slow day? No worries. Still getting that check.

5) Less chance of creepy drunk guys grabbing your butt (hopefully).

4) Overtime actually pays decently (this is assuming your company obeys labor laws and all that silly stuff).

3) a) You won't have to cover extra tables while your coworker goes out back to smoke a joint (and doesn't even offer you any... so rude).
b) You won't have to smell your pot smoking coworkers when they come back in (I don't know about you, but I can't stand that smell).

2) No uniforms! You can wear heels and skirts and pretty blouses to an office. Yay for shopping!

1) Desk chairs. I'm talking lumbar support, ladies. Lumbar. Support.

There are also plenty of valid reasons why waiting tables is better than a nine to five (although, I couldn't think of one with a gun to my head). Do whatever you want.

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