Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Do You Have A TV Pilot Idea? Then This Is The Contest For You!

Here's an interesting contest for anyone with a television pilot idea. It's both a class and a contest wrapped into one. To enter, you download a free "TV Pilot Kit"  -- which I love and use when I write all my pilots. So even if you don't plan to enter this contest, you can go download this kit and use it. Very helpful tool for your writing toolbox. The kit includes Show Proposal, Character Relationship Map, and examples from the show How I Met Your Mother.  To enter you complete the kit, submit it and the top 50 semi-finalists win attendance to a live TV Pilot 101 webinar given by funny woman Ellen Sandler, who was an executive producer on Everybody Loves Raymond. Those 50 folks have a month to write their pilots and judges will narrow it down to 10 finalists. Those lucky 10 writers take part in the Story Specialist Mentoring Program where they'll polish their pilot and create a Show Bible. I'm telling you, this is a full-service contest. The final projects are judged by industry pros and a winner selected who will meet with industry folk and undoubtedly go on to great success. But, this contest is one of those that you can honestly say that there are no losers, because everybody learns so much along the way.  That's the point of it. I like that. If you want to find out more, here's a link Oh, and the deadline is June 15th... so get crackin'!

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