Friday, August 16, 2013

Seed & Spark – Crowdfunding and Digital Distribution

It seems like everyone is on the crowdfunding bandwagon. Celebrities are doing it, everyone I know is doing it. It also seems like there’s no shortage of platforms to use. I just came across Seed & Spark and I have to say their set-up looks really interesting. They are still in Beta, so there’s room for improvement.

There are a couple of things that makes them different from other platforms:

They combine crowdfunding and digital distribution allowing your audience around the world to only have to find you once.

Their crowdfunding fee is only 5%.

They actually have to approve your project before your campaign goes live. If they feel you don’t have a solid plan for making your movie, they’ll give you pointers on how to improve it.

They allow the filmmakers to keep 80% of the streaming revenue.

If a film’s crowdfunding campaign reaches 80% of their goal, the filmmakers get the money, if it doesn’t reach that mark, they get nothing. I find it and interesting middle ground between the all of nothing world of Kickstarter and the flexible funding on Indiegogo.

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