Monday, July 01, 2013

Top 10 Reasons Waiting Tables is Better Than a 9 to 5

A few weeks ago, I listed the top 10 reasons a 9 to 5 is better than waiting tables. Let's do the opposite! Here are the Top 10 Reasons Waiting Tables is Better Than a 9 to 5:

10) Either way, you'll probably get yelled at every so often by some jerk. At least at a restaurant, you probably won't have to see them again.

9) Very few restaurants make you wear high heels. Okay, offices don't either, but it's kind of expected... a little bit.

8) You won't have to sit in a cubicle.

7) The hours are flexible. Can I go to a picnic at 2pm next week? Sure, I'll just ask off.

6) The money is also flexible. There's nothing quite like realizing you made waaaaayyyy more money in one night than you expected.

5) Drunk guys will hit on you. (Probably.)

4) You can drink on the clock. Should you? No. But you can probably sneak a shot every now and then without any real consequences.

3) You can get someone to cover your section while you go out back to smoke a joint.

2) No stress of what to wear. Wear your uniform. Simple. Done.

1) You get to walk around. Variety is the spice of life.

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