Friday, July 19, 2013

Reel Ladies

Are you looking to connect with other great female filmmakers? Take a look at the Reel Ladies website and think about joining. I have met some amazing women through this organization, including my producer Maieka Saint-Albin who helped make happen my latest short film “Unsolved.” There are lots of events, resources and great networking opportunities.  

From the website:

REEL Ladies is a rapidly growing Online Professional Networking Community & Organization for Women in the Film & Entertainment Industry. Our goal is to promote, encourage, motivate, and educate fellow women in the industry. We provide our REEL Ladies community with:
~Innovative programs

~Powerful events, meetups, telecalls, sample contracts, workshops and MORE!

~Equipment rental

~ Career and project consultations

~ Webinars (coming this summer!)

Our goal is to provide and equip women  filmmakers with the necessary tools to have an empowering entertainment career! We are creating an empowered COMMUNITY of women filmmakers who are networking with one another, hiring one another, referring one another and boldly moving forward to pursue their careers in entertainment with the  skills and connections to be a SUCCESS!

We hope you take advantage of our numerous programs and rentals and NETWORK with other women in the Filmmaking Trenches.

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