Friday, May 24, 2013

Open Road available on DVD!

Instead of my usual Helpful Resource column, I'd like to take a moment and invite all of you to buy or rent today my second feature film 'Open Road'. I wrote the first draft of this screenplay in about a month during the now extinct Script Frenzy back in 2010. I never imagined Andy Garcia and Camilla Belle would end up playing my characters.  

It's a very personal story and loosely based on some of my experiences. This project has helped me learn and grow a lot as an artist and a person. The DVD includes a Making Of featurette with interviews and behind the scenes footage. 

Academy Award® nominees Andy Garcia and Juliette Lewis join Camilla Belle and Colin Egglesfield in this heartwarming coming-of-age story. Angie (Belle) is a free spirit living on her own terms and occasionally waitressing to make money. But when she makes connections with a drifter (Garcia), a handsome cop (Egglesfield), and his cousin (Lewis), she finds herself torn between her life of absolute freedom and being tied to people who care about her. Beautifully filmed and acted, it's an inspiring film about love in all its many forms.

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