Saturday, April 12, 2014

2014 Broad Humor Short Film Challenge

Every year, Broad Humor issues a challenge to all past participants to make a short film with the guarantee that if they stick to the rules, it will get screened. For past participants in this category, there is no submission fee if they submit directly to the festival rather than using a submission service like withoutabox. It's our way of offering continuing support to women aiming for the funny bone.  If you build it, it will screen.

Last year, we decided to open the challenge up to all female filmmakers. So any short film submitted that fits the Invitational Challenge rules will automatically be entered in competition for this category as well.


The 2014 competition invites filmmakers to submit short films where someone finds herself/himself in what is clearly an impossible situation and somehow manages to triumph. The payoff should take the viewer by surprise. Think of the delight you've experienced when that happens in a movie you're watching. So see if you can do it in five minutes or less. Here are the rules you must follow...

1. The film must deliver a character out of an impossible situation in a surpise that the viewer never saw coming.
2. The film must include the following line of dialogue: "I use Q-tips for that."
3. Some kind of baked goods must find its way into the story.

By the way, we're sticklers for the five-minute maximum, so please honor it. 

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