Friday, March 28, 2014

More Sponsors on Board for the 2014 Broad Humor Film Fest

Things are already shaping up for our 2014 festival on September 5-7.  We're extremely happy that our sponsors from last year are on board again this year.  A big shout out to the Write Bros. at for donating great MovieMagic Screenwriter software for our winning screenwriters and filmmakers.

Nancy's Yogurt will be sending us high quality canvas filmmaker bags again - Sustainable, organic and "broad-friendly."  They're also sending some promo coupons for free samples of their probiotic yogurt.

We're also getting promo coupons from Goodbelly again.  Some other companies have indicated they're on board and we'll keep you informed as we gear up for another fun and funny year of comedies by women.

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