Thursday, September 19, 2013


The Broad Humor Film Festival is coming! The Broad Humor Film Festival is coming! That's right, this weekend in Venice, CA, the broads will be getting together to celebrate funny women and their funny films (the dudes are welcome, too!). In honor of the upcoming festivities, I put together a list of four women-directed classic comedies, plus one new comedy. I sure wish more of these were available for streaming, but it's a start. Party on and queue this, Garths!

Wayne's World (dir Penelope Spheeris, 1992 DVD) "In this 'Saturday Night Live' spinoff, goofy rockers Wayne and Garth host a no-budget cable access show that attracts the attention of a big television producer. They think they're on the road to fame and fortune, but they may have fallen for a scam." I might have quoted far too many lines from this movie back in the day. Repeatedly. Cha!

Fast Times at Ridgemont High (dir Amy Heckerling, 1982 DVD) "Writer Cameron Crowe's coming-of-age classic follows the ups and downs of a group of high school students over the course of a year in 1980s California. The cast includes Sean Penn as a stoner surfer and Jennifer Jason Leigh as a virginal freshman." What I love about this movie is that it's a favorite comedy for so many men of this generation, yet if I remember correctly, there's a pretty solid female friendship and story portrayed. Sure, it probably has more to do with the boobs, but still...

Private Parts (dir Betty Thomas, 1997) "Firecracker Howard Stern exposes his personal side in this big-screen biopic, which tracks his rise from nerdy student to radio shock-jock, chronicling Stern's X-rated on-air behavior, scuffles with executives and tender relationship with his wife." Schwing! (come on, it's appropriate for this film!)

Valley Girl (dir Martha Coolidge, 1983 DVD) "A punk named Randy (Nicolas Cage) from the wrong side of the Hollywood Hills falls for Julie (Deborah Foreman), a mall-dwelling Valley Girl, and they begin a Romeo-and-Juliet-like romance -- that is, until peer pressure gets to Julie and she cuts things off. But love-struck Randy refuses to give up on Julie. Will he convince her that they're meant to be together?" I'm a little ashamed to admit that I saw this for the first time just a couple months ago at the FIND LACMA 30th Anniversary screening. I'm glad I didn't wait any longer- it's really a great film (but you probably already knew that). I thought it was going to be all about the funny way Valley Girls talk (a sensitive subject for me) and just generally make fun of the girls, but I was really struck by the respect Coolidge showed for them. Sure, we get to hear some totally tubular Valley Girl speak, but we see more below that surface. Believe it or not, they have unique personalities, fears and desires! Like, totally!

The Brass Teapot (dir Ramaa Mosley, 2012) "In this cautionary comedy, an impoverished young couple finds the answer to their money woes in the form of a magical brass teapot that dispenses cash whenever they feel pain. But as the teapot ups the ante, how far will they go to make a fast buck?" I was pleasantly surprised when I saw this movie. It's really well made and very funny. And, you know, it's about money, so that would make this a perfect place for me to drop a little...CHA-CHING!

Thanks, readers, for bearing with me and my woefully inferior comedy antics.  Hope to see you this weekend!

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