Thursday, April 28, 2011

Janice Kennedy Film Screening at El Cid in LA

A short film written by Broad Humor alum Janice Kennedy, Man. Woman. Blackbird., will screen at the El Cid Short Film Night on Wednesday, May 4, along with several other shorts.  This is a film adaptation of her play, The Dark, which was part of the first incarnation of Broad Humor, a night of plays by women.

Food and drink is available prior to the screenings at the El Cid, which begin at 9 p.m - it's actually listed in Google maps as a restaurant. The El Cid, once owned by D.W. Griffith, is here.  For more information, go to the short films night Facebook page here.

During an electrical blackout on a hot summer night, a woman's long-suppressed rage materializes from the shadows as she confronts her philandering husband in a candlelit death-dance of seduction, suspicion and murder.

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